Work with me

Are you full of energy and eager to learn? Are you a student or just at the beginning of your journey? Do you want to meet people from all around the world, work on interesting projects and help startups along the way?

My name is JAN, I live in Shenzhen and am looking for somebody who would like to become my "right-hand". Don't worry, this won't be about handling my inbox. You'll basically get a full access to everything I do.

This is what I'm currently working on:

1) Startup Grind (helping the largest startup community grow in China & APAC)

2) Shenzhen Startups (mapping the startup ecosystem in Shenzhen)

3) Podcast (interviewing people from all around the world, already 25+ episodes)

5) Vlog (documenting my entrepreneurial journey in China)

7) Lean Startup Machine (bringing this world-class #leanstartup workshop to Shenzhen)

8) Helping with events and conferences in Shenzhen (i.e. China Marketing Summit, Mars Summit, Dragon Forum, etc.)

Do you find any of these exciting? Join me! 

Position name: Executive Hustler

Type: Part-time

Start: ASAP

Salary: No monthly salary

Perks: Full access to my global network, free tickets to all events and conferences I attend, mentorship and potentially even free table at a co-working space.

Requirements: The only thing I need is a CAN-DO attitude.

Do you like challenges? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your free time to accelerate your career? I would like to hear from you. Apply bellow!

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(you can also work remotely from a different city; presence in China is preferred)