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I speak to audiences internationally about building global communities, networking, and my entrepreneurial experiences in Asia. I love speaking and providing value to all sorts of different audiences but especially aspiring entrepreneurs and students. Thank you for considering me as a speaker.


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Jan (y-ah-n) runs the world's largest entrepreneur community (Startup Grind) in China and APAC. He works with some of the brightest and most passionate startup community builders in around 60 cities in APAC. Over the last 12 months, under Jan's leadership, Startup Grind community in China has more than quadrupled (4x) to 16+ active cities hosting regular events and impacting the innovation landscape in China and beyond.

Previously, Jan helped launch a venture for Rocket Internet (a company that incubated and invested in 100+ companies with the valuation exceeding $15B) and built an online business while still in college (successfully exited).

He's currently based in Shenzhen and works effortlessly to help build a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

Jan also documents his entrepreneurial journey on his vlog.

Twitter: @yourchinaguy

Facebook: @yourchinaguy

Instagram: @yourchinaguy


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